Lend International Conference 2006 – Portonovo, Italy

Fifth International Conference on Humanism in Language Teaching

28-31 August 2006 in Portonovo (ANCONA) ITALY

Dive into new energy to boost your daily teaching practice and your personal development. Stunning location, unique learning atmosphere, first class training, fun.

Featuring: Mark Almond (Christchurch College), Stephanie Dimond-Beyir (Bell), Keith Kelly (NILE), Donald Freeman (McGraw Hill), Susan Norman (SEAL), Izabella Hearn (Pearson), Mario Rinvolucri (Helbling), Penelope Williams (Pilgrims)

Comenius fundings for foreign teachers at:

Find out more at www.lend.it/portonovo2006 or contact Valeria Gallerani: v.gallerani@dinoto.net +39 347 2821223