Task for group 1 (London)



Imagine you want to create a lesson plan about London. The central theme is: Students have to plan activities for a class trip to the British capital. Since London has a huge variety of interesting places and things to do every group of students gets their own canvas in en.linoit.com . Each canvas should cover different aspects of the trip.

Possible group topics could be:

  • Travel in/to London
    • How to get to London (coach and ferry/Channel Tunnel/train/plane?)
    • How to get around London (tube/bus/bike/boat/oyster card)
  • Attractions – Museums
  • Attractions – Parks
  • Sightseeing – The Top 10 sights you have to see in London!
    • What, in your opinion, are the top 10 London sights every visitor has to see?
  • London for free!
    • See as much of London as you can, without spending a penny! What museums and attractions are free?
  • The River Thames
    • Take a tour along the River Thames by boat, foot or bike, what can you see along the way?
  • Sport in London
    • Major sporting events – The Olympics, London Marathon
    • Football – different stadia and teams, Wembley Stadium

Every group has to find videos on YouTube and pictures and photos online to post on their group canvas. Each group has to present their canvas to the class so that everyone can see what they’ve discovered. Kids can also make a goanimate video on their topic to open up their presentation and create something fun.

The teacher’s role here is to prepare the canvases and give students possible links and addresses on the web so they don’t get lost.  Use en.linoit.com yourself to collect ideas and findings.  Also make a video with www.goanimate.com and publish it on our blog.

Please don’t forget that every group member has to create a short blog post on his / her experiences during the workshop. We want to find out more about the usability and potential of new media  to promote inclusion in the EFL classroom. 


  • To use the online tools above you need to register, all you need is an email address and a password – don’t worry it’s free!
  • Some of the tools (linoit!) also work as smartphone/tablet app.
  • Don’t hesitate to come up with your own ideas when it comes to London.