Task for group 2 (around the world)


English around the world (Jamaica, India, New Zeeland, …) 

Topics: Geography, intercultural learning, reading, food, videos, music, interviews, language, dialects

Members of your group should use edu.glogster.com and goanimate.com/videomaker/full to present your group findings to BAG 2013.

Imagine you want to create a lesson plan. The topic of the upcoming weeks in class should be: English around the world. You have found these two (obviously) very promising web tools and finally want to get started using them in class.

Collect ideas on a possible lesson plan using glogster yourself then develop tasks your groups of students can master with the help of the aforementioned web tools.

Please don’t forget that every group member has to create a short blog post on his / her experiences during the workshop. We want to find out more about the usability and potential of new media  to promote inclusion in the EFL classroom.


  • To use the online tools above you need to register, all you need is an email address and a password – don’t worry it’s free!