AG 2: Just connect them! Creating new landscapes for ALL

Workshop leaders: Carmen Becker, Susanne Quandt

Here are the results:

WATER (Cordula, Diana, Susanne)

Goal: Small actions – big impacts, raising awareness for the preciousness of water

Driving question: Why should we care for water?

Make a word cloud about aspects of the question – brainstorming (safe, clean, accessible, temperature, salinity, moisture/humidity, water cycle, sewage, floods, droughts, habitats, forms of water: rain/ice/snow/thunderstorm, climate change, oceans/rivers/ponds/lakes, personal hygiene, sanitation…) –>wordle



  • The boy who harnessed the wind 2015 (article about the book CT 11, Workbook)
  • Flow
  • Blue Planet


Pictures: half-filled water reservoirs, floods Ahrtal, hail storms, tornadoes, glacier melting, dolphins/turtles with plastic, polar bear, beach cleaning …

Quotes (Fin):“We are fighting for our future“, “We can all make a difference“, “If we act now, we have a world we can all live on“.

Possible products: mockumentary (e.g. about a plastic bottle/tin, ocean clean-up…)/comic/graphic novel/interview/article/leaflet/guerilla stickers/subtitles or dialogues like in Aquastory/water as a topic or symbol or motif in music/art/literature


pdf Lisbon reduce screenshots of slides 12-18, reuse screenshots of slides 5-6

usage of water: water calculator, water footprint,  UN statistics

global goals and world’s largest lesson

Blue gold – our drinking water and climate change

Decide on a product, discuss and exchange findings with your group, evaluate your findings, plan your product to raise awareness about why we should care for water.


  • mockumentary (e.g. about a plastic bottle/tin, ocean clean-up…)
  • comic
  • graphic novel
  • interview
  • article
  • leaflet
  • guerilla stickers
  • subtitles or dialogues like in Aquastory
  • water as a topic or symbol or motif in music/art/literature

Student activities: Plan, produce language, assessment of first draft, edit, publish/present

Teacher activities: Explain the genre, give language support, criteria for evaluation/assessment



1 Introduction and Refuse
2 Reduce
3 Reuse
4 Recycle

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