Around the world – India

We have used the following applications:



We produced the following animated products:


South Africa with an embedded Animation


Positive Experiences with Goanimate:

  • + Fun to work with anaimation
  • + Easy to follow instructions
  • +Promotes writing, reading and listening skills
  • + Can promote speaking skills, if feature is chosen
  • + Idea for slow learners: just type dialogues, let them read aloud by programme
  • + Differentiation is possible by quantity i.e. more or less detailed

Critical Remarks:

  • – the more detailed animations can be difficult to edit/ amend
  • – system crashing can lead to total loss of work  —-> ALLWAYS       SAVE        during      PROCESS !!!

Positive Experiences with Glogster:

  • + Works like an interactive Advance Organizer
  • + Good starting point for an exploration
  • + Makes comprehensive survey about a topic possible
  • + All language skills are involved
  • + Differentiation is possible by interest (free choice and varied instruction is possible)
  • Critical Remarks:
  • – Needs longer time to understand the functions
  • – Must be used precisely
  • – Lack of navigation after cklicking on the elements