Baggy T’s Weekly Challenge – Week 1

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my weekly challenge, this is week one.

The topic for week one is food.

I would like you to create something about food. Watch my video and look below for ideas!

Send your creations to your teacher or to me at baggyt-in-germany [at] I’ll post the best ones I receive on this page!

Possible ideas:

  • What do you eat every day?
  • I like to cook …
  • My/Our favourite food is …
  • Food in different countries

What you can create:

  • video
  • stop motion film
  • collage
  • podcast
  • picture
  • mind map
  • cartoon/comic
  • song
  • photo story
  • dance

You can use apps, you can draw, you can dance, sing, record etc.

Closing date: April 6, 2020