Task for group 3 (my house)


My house/My school/presenting the place around you

Your group is has to take photos, interview people, make videos, write texts and design wallpapers (padlet) to represent the place (BAG 13/Haus Villingst) around you. Mobile devices will be of great help here but also the web tools. Edit and alter your photos. Make videos with your smartphones and post them to www.youtube.com, insert these videos in a digital poster and use it for the final presentation. If you have time create a www.goanimate.com video where you reflect on the learning process oft he workshop.

goanimate.com/videomaker/full,  editor.pho.to/de/, padlet.com

Please check out the possibilities of www.toondo.com (if time allows) and post an example on our blog as well.

Please don’t forget that every group member has to create a short blog post on his / her experiences during the workshop. We want to find out more about the usability and potential of new media  to promote inclusion in the EFL classroom.


  • To use the online tools above you need to register, all you need is an email address and a password – don’t worry it’s free!