Going Global

Portal global learningGlobal learning & sustainability Das Portal Globales Lernen der "Eine Welt Internetkonferenz" -kurz EWIK - ist das zentrale deutschsprachige Internetangebot zum globalen Lernen und zur Bildung fĂŒr nachhaltige Entwicklung (BNE).
Es bietet einen umfangreichen kostenlosen Service zu Online-Bildungsmaterialien, Aktionen, Veranstaltungen und Hintergrundinformationen. Carla erwÀhnte dieses Portal auch in ihrer AbschlussprÀsentation 2016. (Yvonne)
Learn English with the "Adivasi Tea Project"SustainabilityColourfully and perfectly prepared (free) material about an Indian sustainable development success. (Anke)
The Global Oneness ProjectCollection of documentary films, photo stories and lesson plans aiming at the global goals The Global Oneness Project committed to the exploration of cultural, environmental, and social issues. We house a rich library of free multimedia stories comprised of our award-winning films, photo essays, and articles, accompanied by companion curriculum for teachers.
Our curriculum, available in both English and Spanish and contains an interdisciplinary approach to learning. It aims to connect, through stories, the local human experience to global meta-level issues, such as climate change, water scarcity, food insecurity, poverty, endangered cultures, migration, and sustainability. Through featuring individuals and communities impacted by these issues, the stories and lessons provide opportunities to examine universal themes that emphasize common humanity—identity, diversity, hope, resilience, imagination, adversity, empathy, love, and responsibility. Lessons facilitate the development of students' critical thinking, inquiry, empathy, and listening skills.
All of the content and resources are available for free with no ads or subscriptions. (Diana)
The World Largest LessonCollection of lesson plans, materials concerning the global goals; by UNESCOWorld’s Largest Lesson introduces the Sustainable Development Goals to children and young people everywhere and unites them in action. There are many read made resources which are nicely categorized: age group, SDGs, type of media. (Diana)
Integrating Global Issues into the English Language ClassroomPDF Datei zum Download