Integrated skills

the actor's spacetheatre workshopsBrilliant workshops for drama and theatre interested people in English. You can spend your holidays in Spain and improve your drama skills. The drama techersI've already been there twice, it is awesome. Yvonne
international people's theatretheatre workshopsInka-Theatre offers acting classes, workshops and theatre performances for everyone in English. Inka is a lovely, warm and creative drama teacher. I haven't been there yet, but I know Inka from a workshop and I am sure her work is great. Yvonne
eTwinninginternational cooperation and collaborationProfound support of all kinds of project related pupils' activities in an international setup. Longterm positive experience. Ingrid
drama notebookdrama games A good choice of funny drama games. Yvonne
creative drama drama games and lesson plansA great collection of drama excercises. I especially recommend the improvs and warmups. Yvonne
DuolingoIntegrated Language Learning Programmeonline programme or app that adaps the difficulty level to the abilities, it motivatesfor regular work by keeping you up to a certein level, when you are not working you fall back; there is alse a competition tool so that you can compete directly with classmates Diana