Fun games and quizzes

Internet in real timeShows what is going on in the internet, real-timeHow quickly data is generated AND how much money is earned with internet applications like Twitter, Whatsapp etc.
develop your own Bollywood-subtitlesLets you subtitle fragments from various Bombay-tv-films Pupils choose a Bollywoodfim and write or speak their own subtitles. Fun guaranteed!
MoviemakerMaking cartoonsclick on "make a movie"; very easy to work with for pupils; they can produce max. 3 sequences
Johnny Grammar's Word ChallengeLanguage gamesA great App for English learners to test and revise vocabulary, spelling
and grammar. Pupils can win and collect cool badges. (Evelyn)
DuolingoLanguage learning and testingA good way to do listening, reading, wordfinding and mediation tasks
with differentiation. You can collect points. Also available as
App. (Duygu)
GigglepoetryCreative writing and poetry
Summarizes instructions for writing simple poems in English. Many
motivating sample poems. (Evelyn)
Lego Movie APPStop-motion movie creatorFunny and entertaining App that turns photos into movies. Very easy
handling. (Lea)
Kahoot.itYou can make a series of multiple choice questionsNice and easy. (Yvonne)