Vocab and grammar

British CouncilPlayful language learning: lots of vocabulary activities and interactive grammar. (Sabine)
EFLnetInteractive grammar exercises plus short tutorials; vocabulary practice (with pictures, sounds, word indexes). For all levels. (Sabine)
grammar expertGrammar explained by Dave WillisFor those who need good reliable explanation of English language in use: good examples and interactive exercises to test yourself (intermediate to advanced learners and teachers). (Sanja)
idioms & quizzesidioms and proverbsVery well organized. It's fun to browse through the pages linked to the simple keywords. You can find some exercises, too. (Sanja)
mindmemoShop for multilingual materialOrder flash cards and other multilingual material for your English classroom. (Nathalie)
QuizletCreate sets of cardsAnyone can use Quizlet to study and learn content created by other users, or to create your own custom study sets. You can also share sets with friends, classmates or your students. (Yvonne)
Word cloudTool to create a word cloudAn attractive arrangement of randomly positioned words, where the most important words are bigger than the others. (Yvonne)
WordsiftWord web creatorHelps teachers manage vocabulary and academic language in their text materials. (Yvonne)