AG 4 – Read to Feed: The creative classroom

Exploring activities and creating strategies to promote reading and stimulate learning.
Exploiting the printed page with screen and paper.

Group leaders: Lilo Bohnsack, John Lemon

Group members: Beate Albert, Denise Arrandale, Yvonne Linke, Leonie Pohl, Steffen Schmidt

How to make pupils’ mouths water to read and summarise a book
(Steffen & Yvonne, year 7)

Create an “explainity” video with a “swipe and wipe technique”

YouTube Explanity

of Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine for the first impulse and have a first look at the cover:


Students could be motivated through this video and might want to create a video themselves after reading.

This  version has already really good images to make an “explainity” with the “swipe and wipe” technique.

Enjoy the 1st video: #upload of steffen and yvonne’s video#

READING: After reading the book (pleasure) the students (year 7) are asked to summarize the whole book in 50 words and make a video.

Making a novel more accessable
(Beate & Denise, sixth form)

We worked on the novel “A lesson before dying” by Ernest J. Gaines

Because the novel is complicated we tried to find an entry to involve the students.

We found…

  • pre- reading activities (PDF)
  • talking about the cover (PDF)
  • stills for describing characters (PDF)
  • a mediation text
  • main problems
  • film
  • exam

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